Houses of Worship

Cirqa Financial has a full service sector of our firm which specializes in Houses of Worship (Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Temples, etc) financing and securing loans for other nonprofit organizations. For Houses of Worship, trying to find financing can be a frustrating and arduous ordeal even for the astute borrower. Finding a lender with the proper mix of interest rates, financing terms and dollar amounts can be time consuming and often an effort in futility.

With our extensive years of experience in the financial market place, Cirqa Financial has the resources and expertise to get you the “Church” financing that you are seeking. We explore every possible avenue of finance in order to find the most workable solution to your unique borrowing needs.

Cirqa Financial operates on a national basis, which gives us access to a large network of “Church” lenders across the country. We offer 15, 20 and 25 year fully amortized “Church” loans with no balloon payments and low fixed interest rates. Cirqa Finacial secures loans for “Churches” that are doing new construction, major renovations, purchasing existing facilities, land acquisition or the refinancing of existing “Church” loans.


Serving multiple denominations and “Churches” through the years, our talented staff has the diverse experience and resources needed to help you through the “Church” financing maze.

Commercial Real Estate - Houses of WorshipYou will be astonished at how fast and efficiently your loan application will be processed by our talented and knowledgeable support team of dedicated professionals. We can generally secure a firm letter of commitment from one of our lenders within 10 days. Closing can usually take place in 35 – 45 days.

Contact one our “Church Funding” specialists for a consultation.